When to start a startup

The best time to start a startup is right after college, or between undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Lately, I’ve run into a few bright people who think they need to get a job right away and build a bit of a resume up before starting a company. They feel that they’ll get some real world experience and have something strong on their resume in case they fail.

I’m not sure I agree with that philosophy. Often, I’d much rather hire somebody who took a chance out of school and showed some passion and the guts to go it on their own, assuming the idea was reasonable. What a great way to learn. It’s at this point in your life (early in your career) that you can afford the risks associated with a startup. You probably don’t yet have a family, mortgage, or other commitments that eat away at your time or your bank account. You have plenty of time to earn money later on in your career, especially if you’re confident in your abilities.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t be successful starting a company later in life – of course you can. But if you ask me there is no time like the present for new graduates.

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