PhotoBucket still rocking

Colorado’s Photobucket (which I profiled earlier) is still rocking along and accounting for 2% of all US internet traffic. As of today, Alexa has it ranked #75 among all web sites visited.

I thought they might see a hit from CNET’s similar new product If you take a close look at the reach graph on Alexa, you can see that right when AllYouCanUpload was announced and quickly circled the blogosphere, there was a brief but noticeable drop in PhotoBucket traffic. The good news is that it picked right back up. Perhaps some people tried AllYouCanUpload that week, and came right back to PhotoBucket. That’s pretty encouraging if so.

PhotoBucket is enjoying a dominant 44% market share among online photo hosting services, with most of the hits originating at MySpace. As Om Malik points out, the product works because it’s simple, solves a problem, and does what users want – this has nothing to do with Ajax, Web 2.0, or fancy web sites.

And, and, and…. they make money. Almost forgot that one. 😉

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