Ahhh, back in Boulder…

I woke up this morning in Austria, flew all day, and made it back to Boulder just in time to watch the sunset as I came over the hill. Man, you never really get used to that amazing view, do you?

A reasonable question at this point is what does my trip to Europe have to do with Colorado startups? Well, not much, except… Otologics (of Boulder) was launching their new Sonata fully implantable hearing aid at a conference in Vienna.

My girlfriend works for Otologics and had to attend, so we decided to make a long weekend out
of it before she had to start working on Wednesday. We went to Amsterdam for a few days first (don’t ask) and then we spent half of Wednesday stuffing marketing packets in a five person assembly line (I wanted to help get her out of there as soon as possible so we could go see some sights).

Sorry Thomas, but I’m not sure that The World is Flat after all. I was staying near St. Stephens square in the middle of Vienna, and there was no wireless internet to be had. My hotel had a PC that was locked down to only certain sites and was riddled with spyware. I had to walk about 20 blocks to find a T-mobile hotspot inside a Starbucks. Then I had to drink some mineral water – not an Izze in sight. I was really missing home.

It may be 9:30 here, but it’s now 5:30am now where I started my day. Nite nite.

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