PositiveWare – Positive thinking about PSA

The day started off with another meeting at Travelers Café near Pearl Street. It seems that the trend is Travelers in Boulder, Starbucks elsewhere. I was meeting with a very animated gentleman named Charles Von Thun who is the CEO of PositiveWare.

You may have heard of PositiveWare because it’s been around for a few years. It started life as an employee performance improvement platform delivered via the web. Charles told me that the company has refocused and essentially restarted as a web-based project and activity management tool for service delivery businesses.

At a glance, this seems like something I would have used in my public safety software business within the Custom Solutions group. We had a really hard time getting visibility, accountability and metrics from that group. Professional services accounted for about 10-15% of our revenues and it was very hard to tell how good we were at estimating, tracking, communicating, and delivering on these projects.

Charles told me that PositiveWare is off and running and now has about 30 customers including the likes of Verizon and Avaya. When I asked Charles about his PSA competition such as BaseCamp and OpenAir, he replied by telling me that the company is really sitting in the sweet spot right between them. According to Charles, this sweet spot is companies or departments of 5-500 employees and is underserved.

PositiveWare is currently seeking investment as well as a startup-minded sales and marketing executive.

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