Boulder’s Lumin poised for growth

It’s free, it’s quirky, it’s green, and it’s in Boulder. Could be anything right?

I hadn’t heard much lately about Lumin Innovative Products. Last year, they placed their LightWave solar powered WI-FI access points along Boulders Pearl Street mall. I originally read about this on WI-FI planet.

Today, I talked with one of Lumin’s founders, Sally Lyon. You can tell Sally’s jazzed about what she’s doing. The company is just 5 people, and Sally told me that they’re really just ramping up still to deal with the demand they’re seeing. After the Pearl Street project, they started getting calls from all over the world.

The scope of the leads that poured in after the Pearl Street project was “beyond our comprehension,” according to Sally.

In Mexico, resort chains are still scrambling to rebuild infrastructure in the wake of hurricane Rita. In Africa, they want to build solar powered networks where there is not much infrastructure to allow communication channels that enable medical aid. In Sri Lanka (the first country to have a solar powered infrastructure initiative) they are looking to rebuild critical infrastructure after the tsunami. They all want to use solar power to help avoid the loss of services in the future, or to enhance infrastructure in remote locations.

Sally said “You and I take our email and communications infrastructure for granted. In developing countries or in disaster relief situations LightWave is a perfect fit.”

Lumin feels that it’s poised for organic growth and to date has only taken on friends and family investment. In order to accelerate their plans and begin to reach some of their current leads, Lumin would welcome contacts for discussions with active investors who can bring deep experience or connections in their space.

I told Sally that I will definitely get outside this summer and test it out some. From the looks of it out my window, today is not a good day to go and test.

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