Boulder’s smartFeed acquired by NewsGator

You’re probably heard about this by now, but SmartFeed has been acquired by NewsGator. SmartFeed allows you to receive podcasts on pocketpc or windows mobile devices.

I used to work with Kevin Cawley, the creator of smartFeed. I hired Kevin early on at one of my startups – Pinpoint Technologies – which is now ZOLL Data Systems of Broomfield. Kevin built our Nomad product and was one of our early “smart guys”. Nomad allows EMS service crews to communicate with dispatch centers wirelessly, and is still a strong part of ZOLL’s RescueNet suite of products for EMS.

Apparantly, Kevin got hooked up with Brad Feld (via his blog) of Mobius and talked about this idea. That’s what I call good networking Kevin! Mobius funded NewsGator, and so there you go. “One degree from everyone” they say about Boulder. Guess so.

Kevin will head NewsGators mobile development group. Good choice.

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