InvestorLoft (Parker, CO) wants to become “your investment real estate source” for “1031 exchanges, residential real estate, commercial real estate.” Currently in beta, this site uses some intelligent algorithms to match an investor profile to specific properties. The theory is that investors can stop wasting time, and immediately identify real estate that suits their investment needs. Similarly, property sellers gain access to qualified real estate investors who know exactly what they want.

I met the founders at a CTEK event recently, and the management team was certainly sharp and experienced in their area. The site has a nice look and feel – they’re doing many things right.

Neat idea, good execution, but the problem these guys will likely face is one of inventory of properties on their site. Untli they either gain some momentum in terms of gathering subscriber listings or take a MLS feed, real estate investors may shy way from the site simply because of content. They may be afraid they’re missing the best listings by not checking out on of the MLS-based sites like

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