OpenLogic (of Broomfield)

OpenLogic promises to “solve the open source dilemma” with its $399/year subscription to the BlueGlue Open Source Infrastructure Management Suite (whew!). The BlueGlue proposition is that if you’re working with Open Source projects, you may not have the time, expertise, willpower, or inclination to manage all the compatability, interoperability, integration, testing and other issues that may exist. BlueGlue aims to provide a straightforward way to integrate any number of popular open source projects into your project and to manage updates over time.

OpenLogic also offers training and and consulting services, and has managed to attact customers such as General Motors and Boeing.

OpenLogic has actually been around for a while – it was initially called EJB Solutions. In early 2004, the company was renamed and has since closed a Series A round of financing with Redrock Ventures, Appian Ventures, Village Ventures and Highway12 Ventures. As tends to happen when venture money wanders in, it appears that this is when the company discovered its true calling.

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