LocoMotion “provides improved treadmill therapy solutions for rehabilitation hospitals and clinics that provide care to patients with gait disorders.” For us everyday folks, that means that they make this nifty medical device that helps people learn to walk again. The concept is that it saves a bunch of money because it’s less labor intensive for the therapists to use. This all comes out of the technology transfer office at CU.
I first saw these guys at the finals of CTEKs and Seagates Colorado Enterpreneurship Competition in Longmont. The young but obviously talented and smart management team stole the show. Most people didn’t stick around to hear the winner announced, because it was so obvious. They won $60k in cash and services from CTEK, and they totally deserved it.

As part of their presentation, they mentioned that they were in the hunt for a CEO. Personally my advice would be to wait on that – it was pretty clear that these guys have the talent to delay that expense until they get some traction.

It will be interesting to see how Locomotion progresses.

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