I’m often asked if we’d like to bring Techstars to new cities. While we’re generally not interested in expanding our operation globally, we are proponents of the model and enjoy helping other communities start similar programs.

I’m also potentially available for customized speaking engagements.

Past Speaking Topics

The Techstars Model

In this one hour talk, I describe the background and history of Techstars as well as the mechanics of the model. I discuss the mentorship-driven orientation that Techstars employs, along with the benefits and drawbacks. This talk is ideally suited for building consensus and understanding in geographies that hope to replicate (and adapt) the Techstars model for their community.

Do More Faster

In this one hour talk, I cover most of the key concepts from the book that I wrote with Brad Feld entitled “Do More Faster: Techstars Lessons to Accelerator Your Startup.” This talk is usually well received by startup junkies because it shares many of the specific and actionable insights that we’ve learned after working with hundreds of startups.

Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

In this one hour talk, David describes the evolution of entrepreneurial ecosystems and the role that programs such as Techstars can play. He discusses the importance of sparking angel investment, well-respected anchor VCs, entrepreneurial focus within local universities, and a pervasive culture of mentorship and how these can quickly and meaningfully affect the entrepreneurial ecosystem. David includes specific case studies that include Boulder and Boston and the critical elements of those communities which have helped them become innovation hubs.

Please contact me for more information.