• mShopper (covered previously) continues to rock and roll. Last month, they landed a deal with with Sprint/Nextel to power their shopping service. Rumor has it that tomorrow they’ll announce that they’ve also gone live on Verizon. Not too shabby – this means that on either carriers handsets, firing up “Shopping” will bring up the white-labeled mShopper system.
  • Congrats to Brad Feld for winning the Rob Planchard award at the ESPRIT event. I knew Rob well, and I wish all lawyers could make dealing with the law as much fun as Rob did. Congrats to the other winners including Bill Perry and Rally as well. I’m sorry I missed it – I was in Dallas that evening.
  • The talent influx to Boulder continues.
  • At least half of my twitter mob appears to be heading to Boston for Startup Weekend. This is the sixth startup weekend out of 20+ that are now planned. Go Andrew, go. We’ll be watching.
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