Big Mac Attack

Ok, I admit it. At Barcamp Denver, I was jealous of all the people with shiny new Mac laptops. There I was with my IBM ThinkPad, feeling so 2003.

The last straw was when my friend Michael Sitarzewski showed me Parallels, which allows Mac users to run Windows seamlessly on the new MacBook Pro. I need Windows for much of what I do (actually, I need the applications), so that’s why I’ve never made the leap. However, much of what I do is LAMP-based development and it’s really nice to develop on a Mac. I’ve had a Mac at home for some time to do video and music work primarily, but never for the office.

Today, all of that changed. I am writing this post using the new MacBook Pro, and so far it’s working great. Safari still seems completely unusable to me, so I did have to use Firefox. For example, WordPress didn’t show most of the editing controls under Safari.

I’m hopeful I can do all of my office work on the new Mac. I decided to really give it a try. We’ll see. If you have any tips for me, please let me know.

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