Cartasite moving to SaaS model

Denver’s Cartasite is providing fleet management solutions that enable location, monitoring, status, and condition of mobile assets. You can get a sense of what it’s all about in this brief demo.

I spoke with Jason Weinberger (VP of Marketing) today. Jason confirmed that the company recently completed a multi-million dollar venture round and plans to complete the migration from the current MapPoint-based solution to a fully web-based solution in the coming few weeks. Jason didn’t reveal specifics of the new mapping technology that will support the system but did make reference to both Google maps and Microsoft Live. Jason went on to explain that their business model is a unique competitive advantage because their recurring revenue model allows customers to utilize the technology without traditionally large up-front costs.

According to Jason, the company is focusing on two specific vertical industries thus far: car and truck rentals and pickup/delivery applications. Without naming names, Jason also said that Cartasite has early customer validation from major players in the rental truck market as well as the food and beverage market.

Cartasite has been in operation for about two years now, and was founded by David Armitage (past founder of Geographix, Qubit Technology, and others). Cartasite currrently employs 10 people and is seeking skilled SharePoint developers. I don’t know any but maybe you do. 😉

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