I am the Founder and CEO of Techstars, a mentorship-driven seed accelerator based in Boulder, Colorado. Each summer, Techstars funds ten new web companies and surrounds the founders with incredible mentors for three months. It’s been described as a “startup bootcamp”, “a 3 month MBA in entrepreneurship”, and “incubator 2.0.” Techstars now also operates in Seattle each fall, and in Boston each spring, and is funding and supporting approximately 30 raw new startups each year.

What’s it like?

Current TV did a great documentary about Techstars. Two companies we’ve funded are featured in the video (Foodzie, Ignighter). Follow them from acceptance through the program and finally to investor day at the end of the summer in this brief video which aired on Current TV on November 17, 2008. Since then, we’ve made weekly episodes about the program called “The Founders.”

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