What is Leadership?

Recently Steve Wulchin (who has also been an investor in our funds at Techstars since the beginning) was asked by two of his nieces to talk to them about leadership. As part of his preparation for the session, Steve polled a number of people that are … [Continue reading]

Thank you Upfront Summit

Last week, I attended my first Upfront Summit. I'm not a conference person - in fact, I generally try to stay away from them.  However, this one was incredibly valuable and relevant to me. The curation of the people was … [Continue reading]

The story of Matt

As you might imagine, I get hundreds of random inbound emails each week. Many of them are seeking funding for their startup. Recently I got one such email from Matt, and as I often do I responded by directing him to learn more about the Techstars … [Continue reading]

A few thoughts on inclusive hiring

BeVisible, Techstars, and Foundry Group hosted a wonderful event recently on the topic of diversity and inclusion. We were fortunate to have Mandela Schumacher-Hodge join us from Kapor Capital. About 50 Boulder area startup executives joined for a … [Continue reading]

A week in Australia


I'm writing this on my way back from Australia. Brad Feld and I just visited several cities on this trip to learn more about the great startup communities there. Techstars recently launched our first Techstars program in Adelaide focused on the … [Continue reading]

Don’t go dark

I've had a couple of situations lately where a portfolio company founder or CEO went dark on me. They just stopped communicating. Sometimes takes me a while to notice it. When I do, I usually check in with the person and just ask something like "Hey … [Continue reading]