How much should a growing SaaS business burn?

As an investor, I’m often asked what sort of burn rate is appropriate for a growing company. This question seems to come up right after a Series A raise when the startup feels flush with cash, has some level of product/market fit, and is wondering … [Continue reading]

Metrics for Startup Success

What is the right startup success metric? I was recently asked why we celebrate fundraising amounts as opposed to other meaningful metrics, such as revenue, recurring customers or staff size. To be perfectly honest, it’s a struggle to find … [Continue reading]

Don’t Make Yourself Indispensable

When you’re first starting a company, you’re right there in the thick of it, all the time. During that heavy lifting phase, you naturally have to throw yourself into getting your startup off the ground and figuring things out. But it can’t go on … [Continue reading]

Coaching Up!

Time and time again I’ve seen how important quality relationships are to a startup’s success. I really appreciated the focus on authentic connections in Jordan Fliegel's book Coaching Up! Jordan is an alumnus of Techstars, and his company, … [Continue reading]

Australia, We Hear You!

I recently spent a week in Australia. One of the things I often say when I travel to speak to startup communities around the world is: "We can't hear you!" My point is that I want them to be loud and proud about what's going on there. Often I hear … [Continue reading]

“No” Doesn’t Mean “You Suck”

I know it can be counter-intuitive, but just because an investor says "No," it doesn’t mean they don’t love what you’re doing. Keep in mind that as venture capitalists, our job is to say "No" 99+ percent of the time! That means we often say … [Continue reading]