1Q is too good to be true

I am an investor in a startup company called 1Q that can use your help and benefit you at the same time.  Sign up with 1Q and you (or a designated charity) receive $1 every time you respond to a multiple choice question sent to your cell phone via the app.  Companies pay $2 to 1Q for every response they receive.  Companies get market research from 1Q and you get paid.  Facebook, Linkedin, Google and other websites use your information to make money and none of them pay you.

You can receive questions based on the location of your residence, your current location and other variables.  For example, a question can be sent so that it is received only by 1Q members sitting in one of 31 NFL stadiums on a given Sunday; “Why do you drink Miller Lite?  A. Tastes great  B. Less filling  C. Not a fan  D. Never tried it.”  Companies receive a statistical breakdown of responses to their survey instantly.

You can register for 1Q at 1Q.com. If you have an iPhone or Android phone, access the link from your phone to download the free app.  Complete as much profile information as you like (the more information you include, the more questions you are likely to receive).  If you don’t have the app, questions will be sent to your cell phone by text message.

There will be a limited number questions sent to your phone during the startup phase but questions are expected to increase significantly in 2014.  If you like the app, forward this email to your friends.

One of the big questions I wanted to ask you as readers of this blog is that this is one of those things that sounds too good to be true, and many people automatically think it’s not legit. But it is. Would you use it? Why or why not? And how would you explain it differently?

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  • I’m about to try it. I do believe in this type of precise targeting, matching consumers more accurately with products or market research intelligence.

  • Elizabeth Kraus

    Tried to download it and there was a server error. Tried a few times and will try again in a bit. In the meantime, a few quick points of feedback. VERY cool concept from a marketer and consumer prospective, but yes, I would have thought it was a scam, especially since they ask for so much personal data. If they can get more people like you to add credibility, I think people will do it, otherwise, I think consumers will think it’s a scam.

    A few other quick points:
    1) When I downloaded the app, I didn’t see an option to choose a charity to give to. Maybe that’s coming later, but might be nice to tell people up front.
    2) I already have two pay pal accounts with different email addresses than the one I logged in with, but it is automatically sending me an invitation to sign up for paypal with the email I used to set up the 1Q account. Would be nice to choose which email to use for paypal. Again, no mention of the charity thing here.
    3) The confirmation email I got said that they would not share my contact info, but there was no mention of that when I downloaded the app and put in my data. Might be nice to mention in the app.
    4) Lastly, I’m just wondering if “1Q” will be confused with “IQ”. Might be a challenge from a marketing prospective.

    Hope that helps. Thanks!

    • Ryan Cino

      Hey Elizabeth,

      Thanks for your feedback! I hope you eventually got registered and if not, please contact us at info@1q.com so we can help you out! Ill try to help out with the other points you have as well:

      1) You’re correct. Charity on the mobile app is one of the very next features!
      2) The email address we have on file is the one we use to pay you. Feel free to login and change your email address to the PayPal account you’d like to use.
      3) Great point!
      4) We have certainly witnessed this confusion (good intuition) as well as people calling it Q1, but for the most part people get it.

      Thanks again!

    • Stacey Read

      What would knowing my current location have to do abt getting a beer survey or what have you? I have an acct and now I’m too afraid bc I didn’t know I was going to be asked to put so much important information abt myself. My age, where I live, my general location. Are you 100% positive it’s safe and I won’t have telemarketers calling my phone number?

      • yep, but it’s fantastic feedback. trust is important. what would make you feel more comfortable if you received this invitation?

        David Cohen
        CEO and Managing Partner
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        • Stacey Read

          What would make me comfortable is knowing why they want to know your gps location? Its just scary but if it’s for a good reason other than having ppl know where you are than I’m in

          • the people who are willing to pay for answers often want those answers to come from people in specific geographies. 1q sends out sponsored questions and you get paid if you answer. if you don’t set locaiton, you’ll get far fewer questions. i believe that’s all they use it for.

            David Cohen
            CEO and Managing Partner
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          • Stacey Read

            Thank you so much. I am trying it out

        • Jones

          I tried this and got paid for just 1 question in 3 days. Who wants to do that? You keep your phone on with the app on all the time waiting for questions and they don’t come! I made $1.50. We want to make $$$$$ answering your questions. Where are the Questions?! If you are a real organization that wants to pay people for real input then DO it. What a pain and a waste of time! I’m turning locator off and changing my Paypal email address. Don’t bother with this. They’re getting info from you but I don’t think it’s to find out how you feel about what McDonalds serves (which is what my 1 question was about.

  • I think you explained it well; I’ll be giving it a try. Early word of mouth seems like the best way to combat a too-good-to-be-true stigma, and you’ve done your part well.

    • David Cohen

      thanks robby. i will have the founders monitor for feedback here.

  • timfalls

    Just signed up.

    “Would you use it? Why/why not?” >> yes, because someone I trust endorsed it. Based on the current user experience design, I’m not so sure I would have followed through with the signup, if I hadn’t been referred by someone I trust.

    Looking forward to getting my first question!

    Thanks for the heads up, David 🙂


    • David Cohen

      awesome. they’re going to monitor this thread for feedback – what was it about the sign up process that bugged you? thanks tim!

  • Very interesting idea. Marketing agencies love this kind of research. And consumers love rewards!

    Agree with previous comments: the UI doesn’t inspire comfort or trust. When asking for this level of detail from the user, provide more explanation up front of what that info will be used for. Possibly force Facebook, G+ or other network connection to gather the bulk of that info. As a user, as long as I know the benefit and am confident I can trust the app maker I’m willing to trade my data.

    Design is always a challenge, but the idea is solid so I think the team will nail it. Good luck!

  • Ryan Cino

    Hi all,

    1Q partner here. We’re very excited to have David’s audience signing up with 1Q and greatly appreciate the feedback and suggestions you’ve left so far. As a startup, early feedback can be instrumental in our development and providing a greater user experience!

    We’ll follow along closely and try to answer any questions / concerns you have. Also, feel free to send us any direct comments at info@1q.com. Keep them coming and thanks!


  • I get a ‘403 Forbidden’ when trying to access their website 🙁

    • Ryan Cino

      Hey Vlad,

      Based on the error, I’m assuming you are trying to access 1Q from outside the US?

      We’re currently only supporting specific countries (mainly USA, UK, and South Africa). However, as we grow, we will continually add more support for other countries. Thanks!

      • Hey Ryan, you are correct- I was trying to access from Romania. Looking forward to seeing the 1Q working here!

      • chandresh

        i am from india ,it will start in india soon

        • chandresh

          or not

      • Robert

        Hi Ryan.
        Although, the app sign up gives options for South Africa and the US, it doesn’t yet register applicants for South Africa. David’s comment above says it’s not yet operational in South Africa. When will this be fixed?

        • Ryan Cino

          Hey Robert,

          That’s true. We’re working hard to grow in the US while simultaneously adding international support. We expect to add a few countries (including South Africa) in the coming months!


  • Spencer

    Just downloaded and created an account, but I had no questions waiting for me. Would be better if there were some beginner questions even if I don’t get paid for them. Perhaps this is how I give you my demographics?

  • Faith

    When I first saw this link, it had a spam sort of feel to it. If there was like a way to portray the link in a less spam like manner that would help. Also, how long is it til you get questions? I haven’t gotten any. Is it because I just started?

    • i think may people forget to fill out “about me” inside the app. because they don’t supply demographic information, they don’t get many questions. +katie to help answer. (keith – you may have to visit the post to answer)

      David Cohen, Founder, CEO, and Managing Partner
      @davidcohen  | @Techstars |  david.cohen@Techstars.com
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    • Ryan Cino

      Hey Faith,

      Your first question might not arrive for a while, but stay patient with us as we change the way market research is done – by paying people like us for our opinions!

      When users get a question will depend on who our customers are targeting at any given time. So the more info you can provide, the more likely you are to fit in the a customer’s target.


  • brevee

    I signed up for 1Q about three weeks ago and have only gotten one question. Is this normal?

    • Ryan Cino

      Hey brevee,

      That could be completely normal. We simply forward questions to the correct demographics based on who our customers are asking at any given time (so the more info you provide the better). As we grow, we hope to attract even more customers, and therefore, be able to send out even more questions!

      Thanks for your patience!

  • Robert


    I alps get a 403 Forbidden error on going to the website. I tried registering via the app and it stalls after I accept to join up. I am in South Africa


    • it’s only available in the Us as of now. i think it’s stupid that they give you an error instead of collecting your email address for later, and i’ve told them that.

      David Cohen
      CEO and Managing Partner
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  • Miranda

    Is this a legitimate website???

  • SusieQ

    I was disappointed that there is no information about the people behind this project, the company, where it’s located on the website. That is what gives it a “shady” kind of feel to me. I’m also curious how many companies are utilizing 1Q to gather data, how 1Q goes about getting more business, stuff like that. Everything I’ve been able to find says almost everyone has only gotten 1 question, even after completing the “About Me” section That seems rather suspicious as well.

    • Ryan Cino

      Hey Susie,

      That’s very fair feedback, and some we’re not foreign to at this point. In fact, we’re currently developing a facelift for the site for the express purpose of better disseminating that information. So I don’t take up all of David’s blog space we invite you to checkout our Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/pages/1Q/170106316528256 ) where you’ll get a better feel for the people behind the project and visit 1q.com/about-us and 1q.com/faq to hopefully answer some of your questions!


      • SusieQ

        That link to the Facebook page does not work. Also, my number one concern is that in all my research, I cannot find anyone who has gotten more than one question

        • Ryan Cino

          We certainly have members who have only gotten 1 question so far, but we also have plenty who have made $5, $10, $15 and more. Unfortunately, even though we have and continue to pay out tens of thousand of dollars, and even though we’re the only ones who are paying people anything close to this amount of money for 5 seconds of their time, it’s always the disappointed rather than the ecstatic who seem to make up the vocal minority.

          As we continue to build our member base, we will attract more customers, and as we attract more customers, more questions will go out. We just continue to ask our members to stay patient with us as we grow our customer base and the number of questions going out!


        • Amanda Snyder

          I just got a 2nd question today.

  • Jim Schwan

    I am disappointed that I have not received any questions. Seems like I’ve given away my info with no compensation at all. I have 1Q on my mobile phone, and check it frequently, and after over 2 weeks, nothing. I get a message that the affiliate system has been paused, too. What’s going on?

    • Ryan Cino

      Hey Jim,

      Thanks for the feedback, and we understand the disappointment. Our customers are asking questions and it’s dependent on who they are targeting at any given time. That being said, we’re working hard to build up our member database, which will attract even more customers we’ve been talking to, and therefore lead to even more questions being sent out. We appreciate the patience and more questions will be sent out as we grow in 2014.

      As for our referral program, unfortunately a few “bad apples” tried to scam the system and temporarily ruined it for us all. While it serves no threat, we want to take every precaution possible, and we’re working hard to get it back up and running.

    • Keith Rinzler

      Hey Jim,

      Ryan is correct, however, you should know that every one of our members who have given us the requested demographics have received at least one question. In fact, we show that you received one on 2/9, but didn’t respond. Our algorithms favor the quicker and more reliable responders, so that may have something to do with why you haven’t received another one, yet, but don’t worry, as we add more customers, i’m sure you’ll get more questions. Maybe you’d even like to send some questions yourself…

  • Gary

    How long do you have to answer each question?

    • a few minutes, typically. depends how many answers the sponsor of the question has purchased. respond to the alert quickly.

      David Cohen
      Managing Partner
      Apply to Techstars

    • a few minutes, typically. depends how many answers the sponsor of the question has purchased. respond to the alert quickly.

      David Cohen
      Managing Partner
      Apply to Techstars

  • I have only received two questions in 3 months….

    • The 1Q Team

      Hey Miranda..

      Yes, some members get more questions than others, based on who and where they are. We don’t ask the questions, our customers do, and they decide who they’re targeting. Hopefully, more questions will come your way as more companies use 1Q for their market research, polling, advertising needs.

  • Tessa Jackson

    It just seems like its going to be virus infested

    • The 1Q Team

      Yes, Tessa, many people think 1Q is too good to be true, but it isn’t. We’re changing the model for market research, polling, and advertising, and paying people, instantly, for their time, unlike most of the others out there. We utilize the highest security we possibly can to protect against viruses and other threats.

  • Ken Dippel

    I’m in love with this app… just started using it yesterday…at 20 referrals and growing lol….
    I would appreciate stake in the company..or how bout 5 or 10 cents for every referral our referrals get ;D
    I would turn this into a real business rather than a shipping fund pool haha

  • William Roper

    1Q.com/HHWty sign up here!!

  • Mike

    Hello Mr. Cohen,

    Would you be interested in a Skype session or Google Hangout to hear another interesting concept to accompany your product? I think it will catch your interest.


    Michael Brown

  • Mike

    Your concept is good but seriously more questions have to be available. I haven’t even recieved one yet. I feel that because I’m a student with a low average Income company’s don’t want to question me because I’m not the one with the money. Please take that into consideration. Rich people don’t need to make .50$ for feedback, students with bills do.

  • Pinina

    Is my link

  • Emma

    Do you get charged for the text messages you receive from 1Q?

  • Nina

    I’m luving all the referral bonuses but I would love to get a question or two

  • Kirisch

    I signed up, but the app isn’t available in the UK for whatever reason. Bummer.

  • vee

    How in the world do I share my link? Please help

  • megan

    Only one question: ( not working to well

  • Nani

    It sucks. Downloaded it yesterday and got one question. While I did indeed get paid, I’ve gotten nothing more. I haven’t even gotten any unpaid questions.

  • Mikayla

    I love this whole idea, but I’ve only received one question in the past couple months I’ve had it. I’d love to be able to answer more questions, and I feel like there needs to be more for it to be successful.

  • Suki Alice

    I’m near deleting this ap, it’s really a waste of space. I’ve gotten 2 questions in however many months I’ve had it, and one was last night after I went to bed – sometime after midnight most definitely. Now I’m guessing my chances of getting questions are even worse because I missed one. Good concept, but if the most I’m ever going to get is 50 cents, it’s not worth the time.

  • James

    The company’s been dead for months.

  • Dave Nunez

    I joined about a month and a half ago and only got three questions and each time I got a question it said time expired I responded really quick . Wish I knew how to get more questions would like to promote this so I can get more questions but I don’t have a link to promote

  • Laura Eshleman

    I love this app! I just signed up on Sunday and today is Wednesday. I’ve already earned $2.25 from answering 5 questions. I received 3 questions just today. I’m loving it so far. Sure, it’s just pocket change to some, but I use about 7-8 other apps and earn free Amazon gift cards and I’m all about free money. 🙂

  • DiDi Rivera
  • hi


  • Neal Olin

    Well I did use it 5 years ago answered 2 question got paid 0.50 to my paypal account instantly then that phone phone went out the screen cracked and went black got a new phone same number same company same plan but 1Q would not allow me to sign in to my account using the same number same password same email, said you can not sign in with that device then tried to create another account using same information took 1Q 5 years which was today after 29 email for them to finally tell me I can’t use that phone number again, well its my cell number I have had for 8 years, I have a friend that got a cell phone he wanted to join, but guess what he couldn’t because person that had his number before him joined 1Q now he can’t join because once a cell number is used and then they have their service shut off and a new cell customer gets assigned that number they can’t join,,,, YOU REALLY NEED TO FIX THAT,,,

    • Ryan Cino

      Hey Neal,

      With almost 500,000 members and growing, we pride ourselves on our customer service and being the “people’s champion” when it comes to making sure that companies value consumers’ time with instant cash instead of false promises. Because of this, we cannot accept violations of our terms and conditions even when it means losing a member. We have since strived to resolve your problem in a way that both meets our business standards and gives you a satisfactory solution.

  • Matty Bayer

    I have had the app 3 months and got only 1 question for .25 so this is not working very well for me…,, please tell me how I can earn more, and I have my location on already

    • Ryan Cino

      Thanks for reaching out Matty!

      The businesses use 1Q to ask targeted questions to people. All members get different questions, depending on many factors, some of which include demographics and location – every day/week/month is different. And the companies are picking the demographics which gets questions based on their specific insights / marketing needs at the time.

      There are, however, a few things you can do to increase your chances of getting questions and earn more:

      -Download the app and enable your location (which is sounds like you’ve already done)
      -Connect your profile to Facebook
      -Make sure your profile is fully complete and accurate (we have algorithms that check for inconsistencies)
      -Make sure your notifications are enabled both within the 1Q app and your phone’s settings so you don’t have to keep checking!

      If you still have questions or concerns, please reach out to us directly at support@1q.com so we can look into personal details.