The Hitchhikers Guide to the Boulder Startup Community

With the help of some friends, I threw together The Hitchhikers Guide to the Boulder Startup Community.

Thanks are due to Brad Feld, Jason Mendelson, Tim Falls, Rob Delwo, Robert Reich, Brad Bernthal, Clare Tischer, Nicole Glaros, Dave Jilk, Niel Robertson, and Jim Franklin for their contributions and review of the first version.

This was inspired by the Guide to the LA Startup Community by Sam Teller.

I’m 100% sure that we forgot some things in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Boulder Startup Community, and I will update this every once in a while as we add new information. Feel free to leave a comment here about what you think is missing and we’ll turn out V2 soon.

I hope this is useful to those exploring the Boulder startup community.

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  • Hi David,

    By going with your title referring to Boulder’s “Startup Community,” your guide solely focuses on tech. That’s ok if one were seeking tech startup info, but the title suggests “Startup Community,” which is non-discretionary. When searching for Startup info in Boulder for a non-tech business, this Guide would nonetheless come up. It is a starting place to be aware of, but the overall awareness should be made as the all encompassing title suggests.

    Great work.

    • excellent point. it’s certainly from my “tech” point of view, but i’d love to see simliar documents for other parts of the startup community in boulder and perhaps one day merge them. part of me thinks this is useful for those looking to get into the tech startup community. i’ll rename it. point well taken.

  • This is very good. Comprehensive. Haven’t seen anything like it. You might add C1N.TV/BoulderChannel1, Boulders original new media, to Press. Downtown Boulder is not exactly press. It is a quasi governmental agency whose mission is to promote it’s members business. It is like a chamber of commerce for the Pearl street mall area.

  • I think I should move to Boulder.

  • Noticed you have “Pivotal Labs” listed twice, once with a space and once without on the Dev/Design Shop slide.

    Hope this was helpful, since I’m an accessibility (Section 508), Usability, QA, developer, etc. type person I seem to notice these kind of things.

    jfc iii

    • thank you. i think two of us caught it at the last minute. i’ll fix it in the next edition.

  • Great initial guide for someone like myself planning a trip to tour the Boulder startup scene (going in Jan). Thanks for compiling this.

  • Jeff Mathews

    I had no idea that the LA tech scene is now doing $2B/year funding. When I left, it felt like zero. And Santa Monica is now calling itself the Silicon Beach?! I think for the Boulder guide it’d be nice to include logos and a geographic reference with big companies and some Denver start-ups as well.

  • Chö

    Hi David,
    Yes, this is a GREAT resource for people. Interesting too, would be some of the small, hidden organizations that are in Boulder that make Boulder unique. Any plans to include non profits, learning institutes and religious groups and places?

  • prettylyn

    hi…nice u look that…………

  • Hey David,

    The link to Sam’s ‘LA Startup Community’ presentation has changed.

    Thanks for the shout out!


  • Christopher Etcheverry

    Nice read! Make sure you make it to the end. I found the last two slides really helpful!